Company management in Valais

Gestion Entreprises en Valais

Like a strategic Swiss Army knife, Fiduciary 2.0 offers a versatile range of services to effectively manage its clients' interests.


What we do
Integration of management software and user training.

We offer you a complete ERP management software package, configure it to your needs and train you to use it effectively.

Gestion en Valais

Managing your business

In general terms, business management means applying the commercial strategy that has been set when the company's action plan is drawn up, using all the resources at its disposal to achieve the objectives previously established.


Nous vous apportons un soutien, des conseils pour votre entreprise. Nous répondons à toutes vos questions de manière générale, clair et précise.

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Why choose us?
A quality organisation!

Gestion de votre entreprise en Valais

Always on time

We deal with all your requests as quickly as possible.

Hard work

We work hard to give you the best possible service.


We are always available to listen to your needs and provide support.

What our customers say

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"Anne was able to guide us gently and help us evolve while respecting our pace and habits. She was able to adapt to our way of doing things and put all her efficiency at our disposal. Anne is always available, responsive, a good listener and very human. She's a go-getter with 8 arms and 4 brains, and we admire her for her exceptional skills, which have changed and lightened our whole administrative side of things, which we're looking at with a lot more serenity since our collaboration with AB ConsultPro."
Joëlle Deluz
Démentiel Déeo
After several years of wandering from one trustee to another and a number of disappointments, I finally found the skills I was looking for. Anne is dynamic and proactive. She knows her job and guides me through the tax and administrative maze. I've found a professional who answers my questions, or even anticipates them, rather than asking them of me. She pinpoints areas for improvement and suggests practical solutions. At last I feel reassured about how my interests are being managed.
Emanuelle Zufferey
CEO Narcis by Plug and Play
"Professionalism, attentiveness, efficiency and speed! AB ConsultPro really knows how to support you and offer the right tools for your management throughout Switzerland. The result: time savings and peace of mind, which have personally contributed greatly to the increase in our turnover year on year. Over and above day-to-day management, AB ConsultPro also stands out as a formidable strategic Swiss Army knife when it comes to finding solutions for times of crisis."
Nicolas Segura
CEO Founder Fairymotion
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